Pepsis tarantula hawk wasp  Tarantula hawk wasps

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What is a Tarantula Hawk ?

A Tarantula Hawk is a large wasp from the genera Pepsis or Hemipepsis. They are famous because their females fight and kill live tarantulas to lay their eggs inside their body. Then the larvae of the hawk wasp will feed on the tarantula before pupating. The fight between a Tarantula Hawk Wasp and tarantulas are very impressive. 

Where are tarantula hawks found ?

There are 21 species of Tarantula Hawks in the USA, most of them live in the Southern States. Then they are hundreds of Tarantula Hawks species all over the world. To find them, go to an arid biotope where live tarantulas are common and have a thorough look ! Tarantula Hawk Wasps of the genus Pepsis are rather easy to spot thanks to their black and orange colors and their large size. 

Does Tarantula Hawks sting ?

Oh yes they do ! Tarantula Hawk sting is one of the most painful on Earth. Their venom is very strong in order to paralyse tarantulas immediately. They are not mortal for humans, but you don't want to experience that ! So don't play with live tarantula hawks. In the field, they are not aggressive, don't touch them and all will be fine.