A list of interesting websites recommended by Collector's Secret .
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Insectnet - The marketplace to sell and buy insects, butterflies, beetles.

Facebook Insect Collectors Group - A free facebook group to find insects for sale or exchange. More than 2000 active members !

Lepido-France - The site of the French Lepidopterist Society, including many collecting trip reports.

Insecterra - The biggest French forum about insects. 7000 members !

Delias of the World - A website about the Delias genus, Pieridae, with descriptions and pictures of all species/subspecies.

Parnassius of the World - A website about the Parnassius genus with descriptions and a great section about famous entomologists.

Satyrinae of the Western Paleartic - A website about Satyrinae from paleartic areas.

Le Blog des Cetoniidae - A very complete website about Cetoniidae

Gite Moutouchi Guyane - A great place for insect collecting in French Guyana

Passions-Papillons - A great site about French Guyana and French butterflies

La Bibitte Mobile - La Bibitte Mobile offre un service de vulgarisation de l'entomologie aux écoles du Québec

Wonderful-Insects - A great website about insects and Lucanidae made by Frank Fiedler

Thai Butterflies - a great website about butterflies and butterfly trips in Thailand, by my friend Antonio Giudici

Les Sphingidae de France - a major ressource about Sphingidae by the worldwide specialist Jean Haxaire.

Pyrale du buis : lutte et traitement efficace.

Macro-photo Insectes : blog sur la macrophotographie d'insectes

Meloidae.com - Beetles for exchange



Facebook Seashell Classifieds : A free facebook group to exchange and sale your shells !

Seashell-Collector.com : A great website about seashells with a great forum too.

ShellMesh.com : A great website about seashells and land snails, including some for sale.

Stromboidea.de : A very instructive website about Stromboidea

Association Française de Conchyliologie : the French shell association.



Watch-Deal : rare watches for collectors.

Montres Bonnes Affaires : montres occasions prix pas cher

Militaria-Deal : rare militaria for sale for collectors.