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Megalodon teeth are very popular among natural history collectors. Megalodons are huge prehistoric extinct sharks who disappeared 3 million years ago. Their teeth are the biggest shark teeth known and they can reach 7 inches ! A megalodon jaw is so big that a human can fit inside. As megalodons are extinct, the value of the biggest fossil teeth can be very high : a 7 inch megalodon tooth can easily reach $1.000. Some megalodon teeth have been restored, some other can be found with no restoration.



Find a huge Megalodon teeth

On this page, you will find our selection of the largest and most beautiful megalodon teeth available online. Megalodon teeth also make a great present for friends ! They will be very impressed of getting a tooth of the biggest sharks that ever existed, and it is also a way to teach kids about paleontology, fossils and nature.

7 inch megalodon tooth available

You will regularly find in our selection some 6 inch teeth and even some 7 inch megalodon teeth. Such large sizes are extremely rare in collection and fossil collectors are highly seeking after them. A large megalodon tooth is a masterpiece of each Natural History Museum and private fossil collections. If you see a 7 inch megalodon tooth available, don't miss it ! There won't be many available in the future. 

An impressive 7-inch megalodon teeth

6-inch megalodon teeth

The 6-inch megalodon teeth are more often offered on the web. You will find some of them in our selection above. Their value remains very high and they are a wonderful piece for your fossil collection. They are very impressive. 

5-inch teeth

The 5-inch megalodon teeth are very large but already easier to find online. Depending on their quality, their value may exceed $200 but you will also find some at more accessible levels. A megalodon tooth is a must-have for all fossilized tooth collectors. 

Megalodon teeth fossils available 

Only teeth and vertebrae of Megalodon were found. By comparing them with those of modern sharks, scientists have estimated that Megalodon weighed 100 tonnes: as much as 20 woolly mammoths. Megalodon teeth are found in sites rich in marine mammal fossils, which were probably the prey of this huge predator. 

How big is a megalodon tooth ?

The biggest Megalodon tooth ever found was a 7.48 inch megalodon tooth. In comparison, we have never found a great white shark tooth above 4 inches. 7 inch megalodon tooth can be found on the market but they will reach a very high value, as all big megalodon teeth. Collectors without very deep pockets are focusing on 6-inch Megalodon tooth which are not so easy to find online neither. 

A 6-inch megalodon tooth is not easy to find online

Where can I get a megalodon tooth ?

On this page, we present you a selection of the largest Megalodon teeth available online, but also some more common megalodon teeth. Just click on the authentic megalodon tooth you like and we will redirect you towards a website where you will be able to get them. In our fossil auctions, some large megalodon teeth are often available too. 

Where to find megalodon teeth in Florida ?

Florida is a good place to find Megalodon fossil teeth. The most popular spots are inside the Peace River Basin near DeSito county, but you will find several other spots on megalodon collector forums online. Please send us an email if you have any questions. 

How big is a megalodon jaw  ?

Carcharocles megalodon had huge jaws, so large a human being can stand inside. The biggest jaw was 9 feet high (about 3.5m) ! That's big, isn't it ? Complete megalodon jaws are nearly impossible to find on the market, most of them are displayed in important museums like the Field Museum or the British Museum. The bite of a megalodon was five times more powerful than that of a Tyrannosaurus rex: it could crush a dolphin with a single blow. 

megalodon jaw
Comparison of megalodon and great white shark jaw sizes (center)

What is the record size for a Megalodon tooth ?

Many collectors say that the biggest Megalodon size is an 8-inch Megalodon tooth. But if you look in the Guinness Book, you will see that the record size for a Megalodon tooth is a 7.48" tooth found in Peru. So what is the truth ? Well there is no reason a 8-inch Megalodon tooth couldn't be found one day, there may be some in some private collections, but as long as no evidence are given, let's retain that the record size for a Megalodon tooth is 7 inches and that's already very large ! Check our website from time to time if you are looking for a large megalodon tooth for your collection. And feel free to send us an email if you have any question about a specific megalodon tooth or about a megalodon teeth provider. 

What was a Megalodon ?

The megalodon was perhaps the most frightening predator of all time. And it may also have been the greatest. This giant was a close cousin of the present-day white shark. But its only dorsal fin was as long as the body of the latter. The megalodon terrorised the oceans for more than 20 million years. It hunted whales, dolphins and seals. It was quick to grab them or tear them to pieces between its enormous jaws. An adult megalodon weighed twenty times more than the great white shark, the largest shark alive today. 

Questions from our readers about Megalodon teeth ?

We have received many questions from our visitors about megalodon teeth. Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions, which may tell you something about the value of megalodon teeth. 

How much is a 6 inch megalodon tooth worth?

A 6 inch megalodon tooth is very difficult to find. It is therefore a very sought after size by collectors. It is necessary to count at least 200 USD to acquire a 6 inch megalodon tooth. Some repaired or damaged teeth can be found at more affordable prices starting at 100 USD. This year, we saw a 6 inch megalodon tooth from Indonesia offered at 187 dollars on the web. The most beautiful 6 inch megalodon teeth with beautiful black or gold colors can easily exceed 2,000 dollars ! 

How much is a 7 inch megalodon tooth worth?

It is always difficult to define the price of a 7 inch megalodon tooth because they are extremely rare on the market and each auction is highly contested by the great private collectors and Museums of the world. Count at least 5,000 dollars for a 7 inch megalodon tooth a little damaged and up to 30,000 dollars for the most perfect teeth or with the most interesting colors. 

Is it legal to buy a megalodon tooth ?

As megalodons have been extinct for millions of years, the trade in megalodon teeth has no impact on their population. Acquiring megalodon teeth is therefore perfectly legal in most countries. To sell them, some countries sometimes require certificates to avoid intensive excavations for purely commercial purposes, without any scientific purpose. Ask the competent authorities in your country for more information.