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How to find a Junonia shell ?

Scaphella junonia aka "Junonia shells" are very popular among seashell collectors for their beauty and their large size. Where to find a junonia shell ? They are found in Florida, especially on Sanibel island or Siesta Key, but also in Texas and in other parts of the Gulf of Mexico. Some beaches are very good spot to find Junonia shells but on some other spots, finding a junonia shell is not so easy. And you can also find them online here. 

How much is a Junonia shell worth ?

Well the largest Junonia shells, above 110mm, can reach high value, above $100. They can be found in the USA in Florida, Texas, Mexico. The record size for a Junonia shell is 154mm ! Of course, such a record specimen would be found at a very high level if ever on the market again ! Some online auctions are not seen by collectors and you can obtain them without spending too much. On this page, you will find our selection of interesting Junonia shells currently available online. 

What are the forms of Scaphella junonia ?

There is no Junonia shell that looks like another one ! Size can of course vary but also colors, patterns and shapes. There are some blue junonia shells, but you can also find some brown speckled junonia shells. That's why it is a fascinating seashell to collect. 

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