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Legal notice : check that the supplier provides CITES II permits with the Nautilus.



What is a nautilus shell ?

Nautilus shells are splendid seashells which are very popular collectibles among collectors. The shell is the remain of a Nautilus cephalopod. There are various Nautilus species in the world, the most known are Nautilus pompilius, the chambered Nautilus shell, and most of them are now rare in the wild. Nautilus shells are splendid natural objects, they can be used in decoration as they are, but carved nautilus shells and nautilus shell cut in half are also very much appreciated. Nautilus shell fossils from an ancient species can also be found. Papered Nautilus shells are different, they are eggcases of the argonaut female, another cephalopod. 

Are Nautilus shells protected ?

Yes, they are CITES II species, it means that their trade is controlled, your supplier has to provide a CITES II permit to offer them. Acquiring a CITES II species finances the study of the species, helps local people protect them by financing its conservation and helps define which quantity of them can be sustainably caught every year. So be sure to check that the supplier provides a permit with the Nautilus. If not, please advise the merchant site where you see it. 

How to get nautilus shells ?

Nautilus shells are nearly impossible to find on a beach. Fishermen in the right area may catch some live specimens. If you want a Nautilus, the easiest way is to get it online from a reputable supplier. On this page, you will find a selection of the best Nautilus shells available online. Click on the Nautilus you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a website where you can find it. If you get it from abroad, please check that the seller has all necessary permits. On this page, you will find some Nautilus offered in the US, the UK, Australia, France, Germany and many other countries. 

How much is a nautilus shell worth ?

The value of a Nautilus shell depends of its size, rarity and quality. A rose Nautilus Conch Shell can reach a high sum. To give you some precise examples, a Nautilus (Allonautilus) perforatus 169mm will be found around $300 and a chambered Nautilus pompilus 208.5mm will be around $150.