Dinosaur teeth

Dinosaur tooth fossils for collectors

Discover our selection of dinosaur teeth for serious fossil collectors. We display the most interesting dinosaur teeth currently available online from reputable suppliers. Our selection is daily updated, so bookmark this page if you collect rare dinosaur teeth




A selection of dinosaur teeth for paleontologists and collectors

Dinosaur teeth have always been extremely popular amongst fossil collectors. Dinosaur teeth are indeed splendid and rare fossils and they symbolize the infinite strength and ferocity of some mythical dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex) or the Allosaurus. You will find on this page several very large dinosaur teeth perfect for your fossil collection or to make a striking present. 

Tyrannosaurus T-Rex tooth fossils

Amongst all predatory dinosaurs, the T-rex (scientific name Tyrannosaurus rex) is the most famous one for his size and his presence in cult movies like "Jurassic Park". A well-preserved T-rex tooth fossil is a very rare fossil and it will be found online above $3,000 and the best Tyrannosaurus rex teeth will be found around $10,000. 


Note about megalodon teeth :

As megalodons are prehistoric fish and not dinosaurs, you will find our selection of megalodon teeth on a dedicated page of this site.