Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

Is Collector's Secret the seller of the items displayed on ?

No, we are not. Collector's Secret do not sell anything, we only help collectors find interesting items which are for sale online, and we do it well ! 


How does it work ?

We have developed a special algorythm to go and find the most interesting items for sale online. You will find more results on Collector's Secret because we know very well entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and malacology.
For example, if you search for a "Papilio" for sale on eBay, you won't find it if the seller has named his item "Achillides". On Collector's Secret, you will see it on the Papilio page.


I have an issue with one displayed item  (fake, ...).

As we do not sell any items and we are not a marketplace, please contact directly the seller or the marketplace (eBay, Catawiki, Etsy, Amazon...) to report the issue. 


Is it free to use Collector's Secret ?

Yes it is 100% free. Our website is financed by our advertisers.


I want to contact Collector's Secret team ?

Please send us an email :