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Collecting Pecten Scallop shells

Scallop seashells are not only delicious, especially the famous Pecten maximus from France. Pecten scallop shells are very interesting to study and collect for their beauty, their various forms and sizes and the large variety of Pecten species accross the globe. You will find on this page, the most interesting Pecten for your shell collection. We select the rarest Pecten species  for conchologists like a large 131mm Pecten gabonensis or a wonderful Pecten speciosa 64.6mm GEM. We also select some more common Pecten species to complete your collection like a Pecten patagonica from Chile or a small Pecten nodosus from Colombia. 

Rare Scallop seashells available

Some Pecten species can reach a very high value on the market because they live in remote parts of the globe and are thus rare in collection. You will find on Collector's Secret some very elusive Pecten specimens like a Pecten magnificus 109mm from Isabela island in the Galapagos or a very large Pecten townsendi 141.3mm, it is hard to find a bigger size for this species ! Rarest seashells on this page will reach a very high value above $5,000.

A selection of Pecten sunrise shells from Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for the beauty of its Pecten shells. Several conchologists go every year to collect on Hawaii with all due permits. Sunrise shells, Pecten langfordi in latin, are very popular on the market for their beauty and lovely small size. They are often used in jewelry thanks to this. Sunrise shells often comes from the Hawaiian town of Haleiwa

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