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What is an ammonite ?

Ammonites are extinct cephalopods who lived in the Palaeozoic and the Mesozoic, their fossils are regularly found nowadays. They were close cousins to Nautilus species who still live today. When did ammonites become extinct ? In the last centuries of the Cretaceous. Ammonite fossils are very popular among fossil collectors for their variety and beauty. 

A selection of ammonite fossils for collectors

On this page, you will find our selection of rare and interesting ammonites currently available online. We select all kind of large ammonites, including the much sought-after opalized ammonites. But you will find here many other ammonite shells, like the splendid iridescent ammonite fossil.

How much is an ammonite fossil worth ?

You want to acquire an ammonite and would like to know its worth ? Well, the largest ammonites with special characters can fetch a very high value above $1,000. Most of them are below $100 though and the commonest ammonites are very affordable. Some examples : an ammonite Acanthohoplites Nodosohoplites fossil from Russia will be found around $150. And a Lyme Regis Gold Pyrite Ammonite Death-Bed Fossil should be at only $20.

Where to find ammonite fossils ?

Ammonite fossils are foundable in many parts of the world in the sedimentary rocks of the Devonian. Many are found in Morocco, some in the shores of England, in Australia and many other countries. The easiest way though is to find ammonites online on Collector's Secret ! If you need some information about ammonite collecting spots, go and join some fossil forums online, many collectors will be able to help you.