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Minerals, crystals and rocks for collectors

Collecting minerals, crystals and rocks is a very popular hobby all around the world. Humans have always been fascinated by the beauty of some rare minerals and crystals. Making a mineral collection is a thrilling passion which helps people understand geology, biology, chemistry and paleontology. Mineral collecting must be encouraged amongst kids as a great way to discover the world and learn science.

Our selection of rare minerals and crystals  

On this page you will find our Top 100 Mineral & Crystal selection. This website is made for you if you are looking for a delicate rhodochrosite, a rare lunar meteorite or a splendid amethyst. We will also select some interesting gold nuggets. Specialists may also find here some Canfieldite crystals, Cumengeite crystals and many other scarce crystals. 

What is the value of a rare mineral and crystal ?

You want to acquire an item in a mineral auction online but would like to know its value. Value depends of many factors : beauty, size, popularity and scarcity of the mineral (or crystal) are the main factors which will impact its value. Some common minerals will worth few dollars while a rare topaz crystal can reach a $500 value. 

Finding a rare mineral or crystal here

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