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Collector's Secret selects everyday the rarest seashells and landsnails that you can find on the web. Rare Cypraea, large Junonia shells, splendid Spondylus and Pecten, and a nice selection of landsnails (Amphidromus, ...). Add this page to your favorites if you collect rare shells. 



Making a shell collection : a fascinating hobby.

Shell collecting should be encouraged among the population as it gives people a very high sensibility about shell conservation, evolution science, geography, biology and taxonomy. Shell collectors never get bored as they travel the world to discover new shell species, read malacology books to learn new things and meet fellow malacologists all over the world. 

How much does a rare seashell worth ?

The worth of a seashell depends of various factors :
- a common shell species can be rare on the market for various reasons (difficulty to harvest them, lack of local sellers...)
- the quality of the shell : a GEM quality shell will be harder to find,
- some genera are more popular amongst collectors than others, Cypraea shells for example,
- the size of the shell also impacts price. A very large shell Junonia shell will be harder to find than a normal-sized one,
- a shell with some rare patterns, nice variations, will also face a higher demand. 

To give you some precise examples, a very large Conus gloriamaris, 154mm, from the Philippines, was found for $600. But a Cowrie Seashell Cypraea marginata had a value of $70 only . Go to the bottom of our shell selection to see more common seashells

How to find rare seashells here ?

You have found a nice Pecten or a delicate Voluta that you want to add to your collection? Just click on the shell and we will automatically redirect you towards a website where you can find it. We source our seashells from serious shell dealers, malacologists and seashell collectors from all over the world : Australia, Sanibel island, USA, Europe, Indonesia... See also our selection of reliable shell dealers.