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A selection of fluorite crystals and stones for collectors

Our team daily selects the rarest fluorites available online. We also select some beautiful fluorite wands and fluorite spheres for mineral collectors. Fluorites have always been very popular on the market due to their beauty, their transparency and the rarity of some museum-quality specimens. Fluorite is the mineral form of Calcium Fluoride. It is seen as a healing stone in lithotherapy.

What is the value of a rare fluorite crystal ?

The value of any mineral or gemstone depends of various factors. Fluorite value takes into account the purity of the fluorite, its transparency, its color and of course its size and its form. To give you some examples, a 4.3kg museum-quality natural purple edge fluorite & white quartz specimen is offered at $12,280 online. But you can also find some much more affordable fluorites online around $50. 

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This rare 69.4kg natural octahedral Fluorite cluster was offered at $20,000 on an American website.

How to get a fluorite here​​​​​​​ ?

There is nothing easier, just have a look to our fluorite selection, click on the fluorite crystal or fluorite stone you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a secured website where you can find it. Have also a look to our Top 100 Mineral Auctions if you are interested in rare minerals.