Insect fossils for collectors

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A selection of interesting insect fossils

You will find on this page a daily selection of the best insect fossils currently available online. Some extremely rare fossilized insects are proposed, like a Cordulagomphus tuberculatus fossilized dragonfly from Brazil, a Museum quality Carboniferous Spider fossil Trigonotarbid or a bee fossil from Daohugou in Inner Mongolia (China). Our team selects the most interesting insect fossils we see online. Bookmark this page if you collect fossilized insects like butterflies, moths, bees, mantis or dragonflies. 

Dragonfly fossils available

Fossilized dragonflies are very popular among fossil collectors. With their large wings and strong body, dragonflies make wonderful fossils and the largest fossilized dragonglies can reach a very high value


dragongly insect fossil

For example, this splendid dragonfly fossil from the Crato formation near Nova Olinda on Brazil was found on the market at $1,600. 

Where to find fossilized insects ?

In addition to this page, you can find yourself some fossilized insects in the field. There are several great collecting spots for insect fossils. China is a great place with famous locations like Beipiao or Daohugou where several insect fossils are found every year. The Solnhofen formation in Germany is another great spot where you can find Tharsophlebia dragonfly fossils from the Jurassic for example. There are also several interesting spots in the USA, in Canada, in the UK or Australia. Have a look on fossil forums for more information.