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Rare woolly mammoth fossils and tusks available online for collectors.

High quality Mammoth Tusks and Fossils for collectors

Discover our selection of authentic woolly mammoth tusks and fossils available online for paleontologists and private collectors. You will find on this page some Museum-Quality large mammoth tusks, some mammoths fossils from the USA and Siberia including mammoth teeth, bones and hair. Our selection is daily updated, bookmark this page if you collect mammoth fossils. 





How much is a mammoth tusk worth ?

The worth of a mammoth tusk depends of various factors; the main factors being :

- the length of the tusk : a record-size mammoth tusk will fetch a very high value,

- the preservation state of the tusk : mammoth tusk conditions vary a lot on the market, a perfectly-preserved curvy tusk will be found at a very high value,

- the weight of the tusk : a 45-lb mammoth tusk will be found above $10,000.

And then you have to add shipment. On this page, we select some mammoth tusks from the USA, Canada, Russia and the North Sea, so that you can find mammoth tusks close from your country without spending too much in shipment. 

A very well preserved mammoth tusk
A rare example of a fine 2.27m large mammoth tusk

Is mammoth tusk trade legal ?

Yes, the trade of fossil ivory is legal and CITES-approved as no animals have been killed by men to provide the ivory. As the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) is an extinct species since the Holocene, the trade of his tusks represents no risk and it even decreases the pressure on elephant tusk illegal trade. Be sure to acquire your mammoth tusk from a serious suppliers as those presented on this page, serious mammoth tusk suppliers will provide all necessary documents to customs. 

How long are woolly mammoths tusks ?

Mammoth tusk length does vary a lot. Old males had larger tusks than females. The largest mammoth tusk ever found was a  4.2 m (14 ft) long tusk. This record-size mammoth tusk has been discovered in 2018 in Siberia. You will find various sizes of mammoth tusks on this page. 

A selection of mammoth fossils for collectors

Various parts of the woolly mammoth did fossilize and all mammoth fossil parts are interesting to study and to collect. Here are the mammoth fossil types you will find on this page : 

Mammoth tooth fossils

Mammoth teeth are very interesting for their large size, weight and elegant shape. Mammoth molars from the Pleistocene are very popular among collectors, you will find some 23-cm mammoth molars on this page. 

A mammoth tooth fossil from Siberia
This mammoth tooth fossil has been found in Siberia

Mammoth bone fossils

Mammoth bones are also very interesting. Mammoth tibias and jaw bones are available in our selection. A 55cm mammoth tibia from the North Sea will be found around $1,000 on the market. We will also display other available mammoth bones like mammoth radius for example

Mammoth hair fossils

The woolly mammoth was very hairy and his hair has easily fossilized in very cold parts of the globe like Alaska or Siberia. Mammoth hair is an interesting fossil and can be found without spending too much in the lower part of our selection. 

So if you are looking for a mammoth fossil, you are on the right place to find it !