List of protected insects in Thailand 

List updated the 20th May 2015

Cheirotonus parryi
Cheirotonus gestroi
Prosopocoilus (Cladognathus) giraffa
Mouhotia batesi
Mormolyce phyllodes
Teinopalpus imperialis
Troides amphrysus
Troides helena
Stichophthalma godfreyi
Stichophthalma cambodia
Stichophthalma louisa
Stichophthalma camadeva
Bhutanitis lidderdalii
Papilio protenor
Meandrusa lachinus
Meandrusa payeni
Papilio palinurus
Actias rhodopneuma
Actias maenas
Actias selene
Actias sinensis

It is illegal to possess alive or dead, collect, kill, buy or sell these species in Thailand.

Note that protection extends to specimens of these species from other countries, so that it is illegal in Thailand to possess specimens of listed species that were caught in other countries, not just those originating in Thailand.
Cheirotonus gestroi was only recently added to the list.

Source : Hutacharern C., N. Tubtim and C. Dokmai 2007. Checklists of Insects and Mites in Thailand. Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bangkok. ISBN 974-88385-0-1
+ Adam Cotton's corrections and updates