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A selection of rare squid fossils like Orthoceras for paleontologists and fossil collectors

Our team has selected the best squid fossils currently available online from reputable fossil suppliers. You will find here some rare Orthoceras from Morocco and some very interesting squid fossils from Lebanon. These 2 countries are providing many interesting fossilized squids for collectors and paleontologists. 

Orthoceras squid fossils

The Orthoceras are cephalopod molluscs, having lived in the seas of the Primary era. Their elongated shells do not at first sight suggest a classic cephalopod, i.e. coiled like the ammonites, nautilus or Goniatites, but it is nevertheless a "cousin" of the latter. In certain deposits like in Morocco, their size can reach an impressive length of more than 2 meters.Like all Cephalopods they were probably predators of crustaceans and small fishes.

Belemnite squid fossils

Belemnite is a cephalopod mollusc with a tapered shell. Belemnites lived from the Lower Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous. They are the best known fossil Cephalopods after the Ammonites. Belemnites have a worldwide distribution.The Belemnites belong to the subclass Coleoidea to which squid, octopus or cuttlefish also belong. The latter are the closest current descendants. Unlike Ammonites, for which the soft parts are unknown, in the case of Belemnites, body prints have been found on the extremely thin layer of mud on the sea floor. Have a look to our page dedicated to belemnite fossils to find several interesting belemnites for your collection.