Woolly Rhinoceros Skulls & Fossils


Museum-quality Woolly Rhinoceros skulls and fossils available

Discover our selection of authentic woolly rhinoceros skulls and fossils available online for paleontologists and private collectors. You will find on this page some high-quality woolly rhino skulls and a selection of Rhinoceros fossils : jaws, teeth, hair. Our selection is daily updated, bookmark this page if you collect woolly rhinoceros fossils


How much is a woolly rhinoceros skull worth ?

A woolly rhinoceros skull is a very rare fossils, especially complete skulls with horns. For a museum-quality woolly rhinoceros skull, you have to count at least $25,000. The worth of a woolly rhino skull will depend of its state of conservation, the size of the horns, the presence of all teeth and so on. A woolly rhino skull is a very impressive piece in a fossil collection, but of course, not everybody can afford it. 

museum quality woolly rhinoceros skull for home decoration

A wonderful example of a Woolly Rhinoceros skull

Is woolly rhinoceros horn and fossil trade legal ?

Yes, the trade of fossilized rhinoceros is legal and CITES-approved as no animals have been killed by men to provide the ivory. As the woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is an extinct species since the Holocene, the trade of his horns and skull represents no risk and it even decreases the pressure on modern rhinoceros who suffer from illegal trade. Be sure to acquire your woolly rhinoceros skull from a serious suppliers as those presented on this page, serious woolly rhinoceros suppliers will provide all necessary documents to customs. 

A selection of woolly rhinoceros fossils for collectors

Woolly rhinoceros skulls :

As written above, a Coelodonta antiquitatis skull is a masterpiece in any fossil collection and a splendid home decoration. It is not an affordable fossil so we also list some more common woolly rhino fossils in the bottom of our selection.

Woolly rhinoceros fossil jaws :

Woolly rhinoceros lower jaw bone mandible are often available on this page. Woolly rhino jaws are very impressive fossils for their size and weight. They can be found around $1,000.

Woolly rhinoceros hair fossils :

The woolly rhinoceros was very hairy and his hair has easily fossilized in very cold parts of the globe like Alaska or Siberia. Woolly rhino hair is an interesting fossil and can be found without spending too much in the lower part of our selection. 


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