Capiz shells for crafts

Discover our selection of capiz shells for crafts and art decoration. 
We select bulk capiz shell lots of 100 or 50 capiz shells for artists and also some more unique capiz shells.



A selection of capiz shells for artists

Capiz shell crafting is very popular accross the globe. The beauty and translucence of capiz shells make it perfect to create chandeliers, lamps and beautiful dinner or dessert plates. On this page, you will find both some white round capiz shells and white square capiz shells. To simplify your work, we provide capiz shells with one hole and capiz with two holes so that you don't have to perforate them yourself. We provide wholesale capiz shells in bulk by lots of 100 or 50. Bulk capiz shells is very useful to avoid spending too much and to realize important shellcrafts like a decorative mobile. 

Capiz shells of various sizes

We propose here some capiz shells from various diameters : 3" capiz shells (76mm), but also 2" capiz shell, 1" and intermediate sizes like 2-1/2". It is important to well define in your mind the size you will need before ordering it online. A 3-inch capiz shell is the most impressive length but 1-inch capiz shells can be used to work some very nice capiz shell plates or capiz shell wind chimes for example. 

Capiz shell crafts : chandeliers, plates, lamps

Capiz shells will be perfect to create your DIY chandelier or some very nice dessert plates or lamps. We can also find some very interesting capiz shell wind chimes online. Let your creativity imagine some impressive capiz shell creations and send us a picture.