Hemiptera & Heteroptera for collectors

Discover our selection of interesting Hemiptera and Heteroptera for insect collectors.
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A selection of interesting Heteroptera and Hemiptera

It is not easy to find good Hemiptera and Heteroptera in insect websites. On this page you will find our daily selection of great Hemiptera and Heteroptera for collectors. We source them from serious suppliers and insect collectors all around the world. You will find some very nice Hemiptera bugs from Malaysia and Indonesia, some huge Hemiptera from the USA, some Scutelleridae and so on. If you have any questions about an Hemiptera or an Heteroptera, feel free to send us an email, we would be very happy to help you. 

Hemiptera bugs from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

You will find in our selection several rare Hemiptera from the Cameron Highlands, a mountainous area in Malaysia. Hemiptera from SE Asia are very colorful and large, they are very interesting to study and collect. You will also find some from Wiang Pa Pao, a famous collecting locality in Thailand. Tapah Hills in Malaysia is another good place to collect tropical Hemiptera. Our Hemiptera suppliers are famous insect suppliers or local collectors we know. 

What is the value of Hemiptera and Heteroptera ?

You can easily collect Hemiptera and Hereroptera without spending too much. You can easily find a rare tropical Hemiptera at around $30. They are not as popular as Ornithoptera butterflies or large Goliathus beetles and their value remain very reasonable even if they are very interesting to study. You can also more easily discover undescribed Hemiptera than other insect orders like lepidoptera or coleoptera, as Hemiptera haven't been as well studied until now. We highly encourage you to collect Hemiptera, it is a fascinating hobby.