Orchid mantis for collection Mantis for collectors

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A selection of Mantis for collectors

On this page, we select several interesting Mantis taxidermy for insect collectors. Mantidae are very interesting insects to study for their beauty and variation. There are several  Mantis which are worthy to collect.

Orchid mantis available

Orchid mantis are splendid Mantis known for their beautiful colors and shapes. They mimic orchid flowers to be invisible and catch other insects (butterflies, bees) who come close to the mantis thinking it is an actual flower. 

Framed Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is the most famous of all Mantidae. They are beautiful insects and the female praying mantis is famous for eating alive its partner after mating. You will find several nice praying mantis available on this page.

Toxodera mantis from Malaysia

Toxodera are very large mantis with a beautiful brown camouflage pattern. You will find on this page a selection of interesting Toxodera mantis from Malaysia, like a Toxodera fimbriata from the Cameron Highlands and other Toxodera species from Tapah Hills. 


Live Mantis : praying mantis and orchid mantis eggs

Breeding Mantis is a fascinating hobby and it is very easy. Have a look to the bottom of our selection, you will find several Praying mantis eggs from Europe or China. Just click on it and we will automatically redirect you towards a website where you can get them. We also propose a variety of live mantis like live orchid mantis and other interesting Mantidae. Having a live praying mantis at home is also a great educational present for kids.