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Information about blue Morpho butterflies

Morpho didius, Morpho godarti, blue Morpho butterflies are a must in every butterfly collections. These splendid blue lepidoptera fly in South America. In the early 20th century, they were thought to be very rare until Eugène Le Moult, a French entomologist based in French Guyana, found the way to lure them using a blue-metallic lure : Morpho who flies in the canopy are attracted to the ground by the lure. The value of Morpho can vary from few dollars to hundreds of dollards depending of the rarity in collection of the species. The species who live in unreachable forests are the most hard-to-find. On this page, you will find several splendid Morpho butterflies for collectors.

Blue Morpho butterfly
Morpho aega is a splendid blue Morpho species.

Are blue Morpho butterflies rare ?

Some blue Morpho butterfly species are rare in collection like Morpho theseus yaritanus from Venezuela or the female Morpho anaxibia from Brazil. They can be found in large numbers in the field but they live in remote places and it is very expensive to go and catch them there (you have to pay for permits, guides, plane tickets, accommodation...). This is why the rarest Morpho butterflies can be found for over $1000 on the market. Some other species of Morpho blue butterflies are bred in butterfly farms and are therefore easy to find. This is the case of Morpho menelaus or Morpho didius which are produced by the thousands and are often used to make beautiful artworks or decorative objects. Of course, common and farmed species are used to create artworks.

A fine example of blue butterfly artwork made with farmed Morphos. (credit Butterfly Utopia)

Are Morpho butterflies endangered ?

No species of Morpho butterflies is threatened today. Each Morpho species has a fairly wide distribution in South America, Morphos tolerate secondary forests and are therefore rather resistant to human pressure. Obviously the deforestation in South America (mainly due to the cultivation of soy, coffee and chocolate and to livestock farming) threatens the forests where the Morphos live. It is in French Guiana and Costa Rica that the primary forests, where the Morphos live, are best protected. 

Can you raise blue morpho butterflies?

You can ask your local butterfly farm if they offer Morpho chrysalises, most do. It is quite simple to raise a Morpho butterfly at home. You just need to wait for the chrysalid to hatch and you can then feed the butterfly with ripe bananas. The butterfly will land on them and feed with its proboscis. All this is very simple to do at home. Be careful, do not import live Morphos from abroad without a permit, there are specific laws on the importation of live insects in all countries to avoid the arrival of an invasive species. Morphos are not an invasive species but you will still need permits. That's why we advise you to contact a butterfly farm near you. 

How much is a blue Morpho butterfly ?

You will find blue Morpho butterflies at all prices. The rarest specimens such as a gynandromorph Morpho (specimens with both male and female characters) can cost over $1,000 but most Morphos cost between $10 and $100. The price depends on the rarity of the species but also on the quality of the wings, the quality of the display and the reputation of the suppliers. Obviously, farmed species (Morpho didius for example) are much more affordable than wild Morphos. Thanks to these breedings, everyone can afford a beautiful blue Morpho! 

Mounted Blue Morpho
A mounted Morpho menelaus is easy to find in our daily selection. 

Where can I get a blue morpho butterfly?

If you want to see wild Morphos flying, you have to go to the tropical forests of South America. It is in French Guiana that you will find the greatest number of species and specimens of Morpho (for example, the superb Morpho rhetenor flies there, the male is blue but the female is yellow!) Otherwise you can go to a butterfly farm near you, most of them have Morphos. To find blue morphos on the internet, we advise you to look at our selection at the top of this page, there are many blue morpho butterflies available

Rare Morpho available
All Morphos are not blue : some species are white and some females are yellow