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A selection of rare Lucanus stag beetles for collectors

Lucanus beetles have always been very popular among insect collectors. Their large size, strong mandibles and incredible variety make them very interesting to study. Several new Lucanus species have been recently described from China and SE Asia where plenty of undescribed Lucanus stag beetles remain to be found. You will find on this page the rarest Lucanus in collection like a Lucanus hewenjiae or a splendid Lucanus fanjingshanus. Have also a look to hard-to-find Lucanus thibetanus

Record-size Lucanus cervus : very large specimens

Lucanus cervus is the largest European beetle and is rather common in some countries like France where they are not protected (they were in the past until they realized it was common there). Collectors are looking for the very large Lucanus cervus form major. What is the record size for Lucanus cervus ? Well, our research online have identified some 95mm Lucanus cervus ! This is of course exceptional, and such a large specimen would reach a very high value on the market. 

How much does a Lucanus species worth ?

Well it all depends of the rarity of the species in collection. A newly described Lucanus species from China known from few specimens could easily reach $800. On the contrary, a common Lucanus planeti from Vietnam will be available for few dollars. Look at the bottom of our selection to see the most common Lucanus available.