Bhutanitis lidderdalii Bhutanitis for collectors

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Legal notice : check that the supplier provides CITES II permits with the Bhutanitis.



What is the rarest Bhutanitis species ?

All Bhutanitis species are rare in collection but the rarest species is by far Bhutanitis ludlowi which flies in altitude in Bhutan and China. This species have been recently rediscovered in Bhutan by a team of Japanese entomologists. International protection of all Bhutanitis species make them rare in collection even if they can be not so hard to find on the right collecting spot. 

Is Bhutanitis trade legal ?

To buy a Bhutanitis butterfly like Bhutanitis lidderdalii from abroad, you need a CITES II permit. Ask the Bhutanitis supplier to provide you such a permit. Serious suppliers will easily provide one. CITES II butterfly specimens comes from old collections  or from breeding facilities which help locals make a living by protecting the forest and sustainably breeding rare butterflies, a part of their butterflies are released in the wild to reinforce wild butterfly populations. 
The same legal rules apply to Ornithoptera and Teinopalpus butterflies which are other rare Papilionidae genera.