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Agrias : the must for butterfly collectors

Agrias is a very popular genus among insect collectors because they are a very interesting genus to study. Agrias are neotropical Nymphalidae, famous for their beauty, their various forms and the scarcity in collection of some subspecies and Agrias forms. They are rather rare in collection because they fly high in the canopy and collectors need to hang bait traps in high trees to catch them. They fly only in pristine forests, so locals have to protect the forest to be able to harvest them. The main threat for them is the deforestation of the Amazon forest and other forests in Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia. In more preserved area as French Guyana, there is no threat at all on Agrias butterflies

A selection of rare Agrias

Some Agrias like Agrias claudina sardanapalus are rather common in the wild and in collection. But some rare Agrias forms and rare Agrias species are very hard to find. Agrias pericles rubella, Agrias aedon rodriguezi from Mexico, Agrias sahlkei lecerfi are good examples of some scarce Agrias in collections. Brazilian Agrias are now impossible to collect legally so you need to source them from old collections which were constituted before the collecting ban and the destruction of Amazonia in Brazil. On this page, you will find our selection of the rarest Agrias offered online, but also some common ones. 

Rare Agrias forms and Agrias hybrids.

Agrias are very interesting to study for entomologists because they easily hybridize and they vary a lot. Each area of the Brazilian forest will produce a different form. Agrias phalcidon from Obidos will be different from those in other Brazilian places, and Agrias phalcidon has several described forms like Agrias phalcidon form rebillardi, form mariettae, form viola, form paulus and so on. Agrias can also produce some wonderful hybrids between Agrias species, even more impressive Agrias and Prepona hybrids are splendid. The hybrid between Agrias claudina lugens and Agrias beatifica is one of the most beautiful butterflies on Earth.

What is the value of Agrias species ?

Some Agrias species are rather common and will be found for few dollars. They can be easily bred in butterfly farms and will be produced in quantity. But the rarest Agrias forms can reach a very high value above $1,000. For example, an Agrias sahlkei form vesta will cost around $900 but an Agrias amydon zenodorus will cost only $20. So it is wrong to say that only very wealthy people can collect Agrias, there are several splendid and affordable Agrias species. To find low-value Agrias, have a look to the lower part of our selection and click on the "Next page" button. 

Where to find Agrias ?

You will find several Agrias on this page and in our Top 100 Insect Auctions page. Have a look to our Agrias catalogue and click on the Agrias you like. We will then automatically redirect you towards the website where you can get it. We source our selection from serious entomologists and insect suppliers. If you have any questions about an Agrias, feel free to send us an email, we would be happy to help.