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Collecting Saturniidae : more than a passion

Saturniidae is the most popular moth family among collectors for various reasons. Saturnid moths are famous for their large size and beauty, some species like Luna moths have impressive tails and splendid colors. They can be found all around the world in the USA, in Asia, in Africa... Some species like Attacus atlas are real giants and among the largest moth species on Earth. Many entomologists also love to raise Saturniidae species, they harvest cocoon, lure males with fresh females and breed Saturniid moths from the caterpillar to the imago (adult moth). 

A selection of the rarest Saturniidae, Luna moths, Silkmoths, Moon Moths

On this page, you will find a selection of interesting Saturniidae for collectors. Some species which are rarely offered online and some classic species sought-after for their beauty and scientific interest. For example, a nice Caligula lindia female Saturnidae from Pakistan or a beautiful Actias maenas male Giant Silk Moon Moth. Have a look to our selection, you will find some rare Saturnidae like the famous Comet Moth. We source them from reliable Saturniidae collectors and sellers. 

What is the value of a Saturniidae ?

Value depends of the species rarity in collection . A Copiopteryx jehovah, a Saturniidae with very long tails, will reach a value of $150 but a more common Luna moth can be found for only $20. Same for most Attacus species from Asia, which are now bred, and rather easy to find. A framed Saturniidae moth like Hemileuca eglanterina can be found above $100. Some species which are now protected like Actias Graellsia isabellae reach a high value because you have to source them from old collections before the collecting ban. 

How to get a Saturniidae moth from here ?

You have found on this page a nice Coscinocera hercules from Papua or an Argema mittrei from Madagascar that you want to get? Just click on it and we will automatically redirect you towards a merchant site where you could get  it. If you have any questions about a Saturniidae specimen or a Saturniid supplier, feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to help you.