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Collecting Spondylus shells : a very popular hobby

Spondylus are bivalve molluscs with a wonderful shell, they are famous for their spines. Even if they are not at all an oyster (they are scallops), they are often called "spiny oysters". This unique pattern make them very appreciated by malacologists and seashell collectors. Their large variety of forms and species make them very interesting to study and collect. Some Spondylus shells are very hard to find, some other species are rather common.

What is the value of a Spondylus shell ?

How much a Spondylus shell worths ? There is no easy answer to that question. Spondylus linguafelis can reach some very high level above $1,000 for GEM specimens with a large size ! But you will find some Spondylus americanus at more reasonable levels around $350 and Spondylus visayensis can be found at $200. To buy some cheap Spondylus, look at the bottom of our selection. 

An example of a rare Spondylus shell : 

This rare Spondylus multimuricatus 111.1mm was listed online at $4,500 but it is a world rarity ! A masterpiece for any Spondylus collection.

Rare Spondylus shells 
A very rare Spondylus multimuricatus 111.1mm

How to find a Spondylus shell here ?

Look at our daily selection and click on the Spondylus you like. Then you will be automatically redirected towards a merchant site where you can get that seashell. It is as simple as that ! We select Spondylus offered online by serious suppliers and collectors. And if you have any questions about a specimen or a Spondylus dealer, feel free to send us an email.